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Custom Finishes

Custom Finishes

STG  provides an innovative, patented, bespoke and customised printing service using a unique environmentally friendly process. Customers can choose from a range of 22 base colours and 86 styles that include Animal, Carbon, Graphics, Metal, Nature, Stone & Wood.  Each coating is available in a matt, satin or gloss finish.

The process was developed on the back of considerable recent demand for card readers, that are more than just functional, as more and more card readers are being installed in VIP areas and building receptions.  Building receptions are designed to impart an impression on visitors that convey a company’s image and the existing "one size fits all” approach compromises first impressions.

No longer are End-users saddled with the standard black or beige card reader finishes that do not match the existing building décor.

Now it is possible to supply card readers that blend into the existing decorative theme of the building, rather than appearing to be an ugly afterthought.