433-MHz Long Range Technology

Each Transmitter integrates the convenience of long range identification with traditional proximity access control. For example, if a site requires employees to access a parking structure (gate/barrier) and a door (building entrance), the Ranger™ solution will enable each user to access both the long range and proximity applications with a single Ranger™ Transmitter. For the parking structure, the user presses the Transmitter button from the convenience of their vehicle (without lowering the window) and then at the door they can simply present the Transmitter to the building’s proximity reader. Since identical data is transmitted upon button press or presentation, each user need only be enrolled once in the access control system.


1. Button is pressed and encrypted access data (facility code, ID number, etc.)is sent to the receiver.

2. If receiver authenticates the transmitters’ encrypted data, then the receiver transmits the access data to the access controller via industry standard protocol.

3. Transmitter is presented to proximity reader and transmits access data to reader.

4. Reader transmits access data to the access controller via industry standard protocol.


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