13.56-MHz Contactless Smartcard Technology

Delta™ readers are able to read the sector (access control) data and/or card serial number from all ISO 14443 Type A & B compliant credentials. Delta™ credentials meet the ISO standard and are programmed at Farpointe with a Delta™ compatible secure key. During Delta’s validation process the credential’s secure key is challenged by the reader. If the secure keys match, the reader will read the card’s sector data, if the secure keys don’t match, the reader will only read the credential’s CSN.


1. Delta™ reader and credential exchange and compare secure keys.

2. Keys match - Delta™ reader collects sector data (long beep).

3. Keys do not match - Delta™ reader collects card serial number (CSN) (quick beep).


To learn more:

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FIPS201 and FIPS201 PDF Document published by the US Department of Commerce.